10 Simple Ways To Make Life Nicer

10 Simple Ways To Make Life Nicer! 

At Make Life Nice HQ, we love nothing more than a proper cuppa, giggling our socks off and smiling until it hurts. They are the things that make life here lovely.

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Here’s some of our top tips on making life a teeny bit nicer every day! Enjoy.


House plants make you happier, they clean the air and they look pretty to boot. NASA reckons that houseplants are able to remove up to 87% of air pollutants in the home in just 24 hours, the clever little buggers! Find out more about the health benefits of house plants.

A proper cup of tea!

Make it ceremonial! Everyone loves tea, don’t they!? Tea when you’re happy, tea when you’re sad, tea when you’re in shock, tea when you’re so overwhelmed by loveliness that you need to come back down to earth. Tea is the drink of champions and it has a rich history all over the world. In China, your cup will be half filled to allow the rest to be filled with friendship and affection!

You really can taste the difference in a cup of tea when it is made with great care and love. Different cultures have different types of tea ceremonies and Korean monks even include tea ceremonies as a way of meditating. Thich Nhat Hahn even bigs up tea-making in ‘The Miracle of Mindfulness‘ and he was VERY keen on making life nice.

Find out more about how they drink tea in China, Japan, Russia and Korea.

Work on your own excellence.

What do you love?

Get better at it, pour time to it and become excellent at the things that you love most. They say that the thing you find yourself doing when you are procrastinating is the thing you should do for the rest of your life. I don’t know exactly who ‘they’ are, but I think they are on to something!

It takes 10,000 hours to develop a talent. That seems like an awful long time BUT sometimes you can accidentally develop a talent, say you work 45 hours a week in your ‘Day Job’ and you become excellent at writing after a while. This is because you have invested 45 hours a week for so many years! You can transfer those skills into your passion. There are some great resources on discovering your purpose and improving your own excellence on Celestine Chua’s Site – Personal Excellence.

Make someone’s life more beautiful, even if that’s just by flashing them a smile.

A smile is infectious and as well as making someone else feel better, it will make you feel better too. Smiles release endorphins and natural painkillers and they make you look more beautiful too. There are loads of positive effects of smiling, give it a go!

Funny baby

Live in the present.

This moment will only happen once, soak it up like sunshine, make it nice!

Stay moving.

Stretch in the morning, do yoga, walk, dance, run. Whatever it is that makes you feel tired but awesome. Go do it! You don’t even need to pay out to get fit, there’s loads of ways to get fit for free.

Learn how to concentrate.

Really concentrate, try meditating. It’s benefits are unreal if you are willing to spend time learning how to meditate deeply on something. For inspiration, try reading The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Naht Hanh.

Be organised! 

Your house, your life,  your car, your finances, your paper-clip collection. Whatever it is in your life that’s becoming a tad messy, take a good hard long look at it and make it organised. We promise you’ll feel way better after doing it! Check out LifeHacker for some brilliant ways of getting things done.

Keep your eyes, your heart and your mind open.

An open mind and heart will attract wonderful opportunities and open eyes will help you to see them! If you’re feeling a little closed-up right now, check out the superb Personal Excellence by Celestine Chua. 

Be appreciative, be content!

“If you are always looking for something better, you will never realise how good you have it” Take some time to think about how lucky you are every single day.



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