Money Saving Tips

“For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.”

Money is not the most important thing in the world but it is the thing that causes most of us huge worries throughout life. If you’re rolling in it, then you can stop reading now. You probably;

a) already know all this and that’s why you’re rolling in it.


b) you earn more than you can spend. Good on you!

For the rest of us, more money would be a bonus, right? Skip on past the break and we’ll tell you what we know.

“Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.”

This little piggy went to market.

Stop letting supermarkets convince you that you are getting a good deal. They are huge brands and they know exactly how to make you feel like you are saving money while they are making huge profits from your pennies. Check out some tips for supermarket-savvy shopping over on Money Saving Expert OR get yourself to the local market and support your community, you can find out more about buying locally from BLoC – The National Buy Local Campaign

Get a Change Jar.

Empty all of your spare coins into your change jar at least once a week, if you’re anything like me you’ll find pennies around the house all the time, pop these in your change jar too. Vow to only cash it in once it’s full.

In a Relationship? Get a Sex Pot.

I know, I know…..I am talking about your sex-life, how dare I!? BUT, if you put £1 in a piggy bank every time you and your partner have sex, and empty it only once a year. You’ll have  a very pleasant surprise by the end of it.

Clear The Air.

Let’s face it, plug-in air fresheners smell like chemical fragrances because that’s exactly what they are. Buy some incense, open your windows and clean your house. There is no need to use precious cash and electricity to make your house smell like space-age pot-purri!

Stop drinking!

Find yourself buying a couple of bottles of wine a week? STOP! 3 bottles of the cheapest wine will cost you about £15. If you stopped this for one month and put the money into a pot, you would have £60 saved. Not only that, you’ll have done your liver a favour too.

Are you a smoker?

Stop buying ciggies and start rolling your own. Even better, stop smoking. (This is still on that I am battling with!)

Sell the things you no longer need on eBay.

Make sure you take good pictures and provide a good description, who knows how much money you could make from old tat!

Stay in!

Find joy in your own home. Make a new meal, have a cinema night, a pamper night or a poker night. Whatever it is that floats your boat. Enjoy spending some time at home!

Make lists.

When you go shopping make sure you write a list of what you really need to buy and stick to it. Plan your meals in advance and make sure you buy everything that you need. This will save you having to make a mid-week trip to the shop and at the same time, discourage your after-work impulse buys.

Get a mantra.

Ask yourself if you really need something, before you buy it if you don’t need it STEP AWAY. The mantra is – Do I need it, can I afford it, can I live without it? Ask yourself this every time you buy something.


Credit is bad, credit is really really bad. It’s one of the reasons that the world is currently in so much debt. It’s never a quick fix, there’s always a catch. Learn this early in life and dedicate yourself to saving up instead of paying off huge debts. A wad of cash that you have worked at saving for a year feels so much better in your hand than a credit card that you have to cut up and pay back every month for a year.

Learn to live within your means.

If you need a financial arse-kicking, check out Martyn Lewis’ ‘How To Stick Within Your Means’. He is after all, the daddy of money saving.

‘Poor and content is rich, and rich enough’ – William Shakespeare


If you’re really concerned about your cash-flow, take the Money Saving Expert – Money Makeover. It takes a while but it may well save your financial life. 

Have you got some money-saving tips that you would like to share? We’re always keen to hear how we can live like kings and queens of thrift. Pop your money saving tips into the comments below.


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