Learning is free – Top 10 Online Resources

Ever wished you could chase your dream career, do the splits or even play the ukulele!?

You can, if you really want to! All you have to do is learn the skill required to perform the task. Oh, that makes it sound so simple, don’t let me underestimate the effort that goes into aquiring a new skill. There has to be effort, without a certain amount of effort, nothing would get done, would it? Question is, do you really, really want to do that thing? If so, surely it’s worth the effort that it takes to learn?

Here come the excuses!

I don’t have the time.

I’m too old.

I don’t have the money.

I don’t have the intelligence.

I would never be able to do that.

I’m not strong enough..

Sod That!

I could go on for a lot longer. But I just want to highlight how easy it is to throw an excuse in the way of achieving something that you REALLY desire. If you’ve stuck with me so far, then you have been reminded of the reasons NOT to do something. Now I’m going to remind you of all of the reasons TO do something.

Why Should I Bother?

Figuring things out feels good! – The first time that I hung upside down on a pole, I felt proud of myself. Proper proud. Because I wanted to dangle upside down so much, holding on with just the power of my thighs..but it hurt to get there. First I had to get used to spinning around a pole, then climbing one, then holding on to one with just my legs and then (after a couple of practices learning to lean back and away from the pole) I finally managed to hang upside down, on a pole, just holding on with my thighs!!


The hour or so after that practice, I was buzzing. Really proud  of myself and despite my pole burns and bruises, every part of me felt awesome. Because I was proud of myself. I had achieved a goal. It may seem like a strange life goal to have (Hanging upside down is not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure) but I had ticked something off my list. That’s something to celebrate.


When you spend time on one goal and acheive it. You feel inspired to create a bigger, more brilliant goal. When you improve yourself regularly, it becomes habit. This kind of habit is good! Imagine how good at stuff you would be in 5 years!

Getting into it

To make it easier for you to get going on your first goal, here are some brilliant resources. People like you and I have written all about getting stuff done and being awesome and they want to share it with you, for free! I’m all about the free knowledge, so if you have any other great sites/blogs you would like to share. I will update this list with the best ones regularly.

The Open University – LearningSpace

P2PU – Peer to Peer learning

Codecademy – Learn to code

BBC Learning – Lots of BBC short courses

BBC Languages – Short language courses

Lumosity – Train your brain

Busuu – Learn Languages For Free

Cooking With Dog – No dogs were harmed in the making of this Japanese cookery channel!

Zooniverse – Learn about science and help with Zooniverse projects

Alison – Free online courses on a rnage of subjects


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