Love is the most precious thing in the world and the most delicate, yet rewarding. So I believe that nobody can tell you how it will feel, for you. I can share how it feels for me though! Feel free to tell me how it feels for you in the comments.

Love is..

  • The moments when you’re not dwelling on the past, or fearing the future. You’re simply enjoying everything about right now.
  • Laughing so hard that you don’t care if you snort!
  • Looking at someone and smiling, because you are so pleased that they are in your world.
  • Waking up happy, falling asleep happy.
  • Things that only you know.
  • Crap jokes that make you giggle.
  • Good food, food that has soul, that was made with love!
  • The moments when you can’t help but sing and dance along.
  • Warm sea air.
  • Cold picnics, hot tea!
  • Music.
  • Being comfortable with everything about yourself.
  • Daydreams.
  • Elephants.

What defines ‘love’ for you?


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