The Get Alongs @ Sugarmill 08/03/13

Radicals Rising

Being a new band with nearly 3000 likes on Facebook, a mention in Kerrang and sounding the way they do, The Rebellion have alot to come in their musical way. With each member originating from other bands to form this one; together they show off their talent and professionalism. Red Lights, their first and only recording sets their funkadelic genre on a floor shaking mission. Lyrics are set in an upbeat, sing along boogie tone which gives a chance for the fans to get involved.  Feverish front man, Danny hands centre stage to Andy and Pezz for their uncontrollable instrumental. It has to be said that The Rebellion have a awesome group of musicians from Stoke-on-Trent together, in one band. Covering, Get off my Cloud by The Rolling Stones saw a glimpse of Danny mimicking Mick Jagger; the pout, the walk and the actions. Covering, Get up off a thing…

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