About Make Life Nice

Ways To Make The Best of Your Days.

Make Life Nice is here to do exactly as it says, make life nice.

LOLcats and FAILblog’s can only provide a limited amount of joy. When it comes to your life, not just the time you spend procrastinating on the computer, you need a better plan.

I want to show you ways to make the very best of every day. Inspire you to be the master of your own universe. To become the best you, that you can possibly be.

If you don’t really fancy living your life to the fullest and becoming the best you that you can be, that’s OK. You’ll be bored of this blog in no time and go back to watching 5 hours TV a night. It’s cool, just make sure you stick Discovery on or at least something mildly mind-expanding.

If you’re still reading this, welcome to Make Life Nice.

I’m going to give you lots of information on making the most of every day. Along with the occasional expert opinion on cake, regular cups of tea and the odd bit of lunacy.

It’s taken me years to become really content with the hand I was dealt, but I have paid attention to the game of life along the way and I want other people to get to know the tricks to squeezing the best out of life. Every day.


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